Good Neighbour Fencing 

Boundary  Fence Installations

Statco Good Neighbour Fencing

Stratco Good Neighbour® Fencing

Superdek Fencing 

Superdek has a 28mm rib height that delivers a strong and robust profile making it one of the most popular Good Neighbour profiles. Superdek has a modern trapezoidal profile making it ideal for fencing, where its bold rib shape provides an attractive appearance


Stratco has specifically designed the Wavelok profile for fencing. It has a bold, striking appearance and is identical on both sides of the fence. The distinct flowing lines appear similar to fence palings. It is visually attractive yet also provides strength and security

stratco fencing
good neighbour fencing
good neighbour fencing

CGI Mini

CGI mini is an attratcive steel profile that is suited to traditional or ultra-modern homes and gardens. With countless applications including Good Neighbour Fencing, its mini corrugated profile provides a distinctive appearance to neighbours on either side of the fence