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Residential Landscape Design Adelaide 


Uniq Spaces Landscaping   explores the integration of architecture, interior design, landscape, and product to define a lifestyle. We celebrate the interplay of these design approaches as they come together to create homes that are expertly suited to each client. As collaborative storytellers, we bring our clients’ dreams to life through the places we design.

Tailored Spaces for Garden  Living

Our holistic approach creates a way of living that is aligned with the choreography of everyday life. When you browse our Residential Landscaping Page , you’ll see a diverse collection of projects that reflect our belief that a home should relate to its place in the world and the people who inhabit it. Thoughtful spaces intermingle with landscapes and gardens, as well as architectural moments for a holistic experience that is both intimate and personalized.

For Every Landscaped Yard , Its Own Story

Telling a story is key and the narrative is carefully shaped by the site and its residents. If there is a common thread in our residential designs, it is this process of deep investigation that leads us to the story. The way we think about living and entertaining informs every decision and enriches each moment.

Landscape Design Ideas 

Our landscape design  ideas come to life through collaboration with our clients. 

Landscape Design Adelaide

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If you’ve been wanting to turn your Court yard or Atrium into a relaxing and luxurious outdoor space, don’t wait any longer. No matter what kind of terrace garden you want to achieve, Uniq Spaces Landcaping will design it to match your vision. Call or email us now for Courtyard or Atrium design and landscaping in Adelaide .

Landscape Design Adelaide

Pool Landscaping and Garden Design 

Uniq Spaces offers comprehensive Garden design services in Adelaide .  Uniq Spaces  can create beautiful, modern, and functional Landscaped Gardens  in even the most limited of spaces. We will work with you along every step of the journey, from designing a patio that matches your vision to the installation of landscape features , Pools and so much more .

landscape design Adelaide

Garden Design 

Whether you have a small residential courtyard  space or a large Backgarden , Uniq Spaces  team can handle the complete installation of garden plants and landscape features. We can design the layout for and install things like trees and shrubs to enhance privacy or liven up the patio up with lawns and flower beds to add more green or create a whole new colour scheme. She can also provide design plan drawings ready to submit for council approval as needed.


Landscape Design - Planting Specifications 


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