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to consider before landscaping your new home

From Builders Handover to Completed Landscape Project

A couple of months before handover from your builder its time to start considering your landscaping - this includes items such as fencing ( this may be shared cost with your neighbours )  , driveways , retaining walls , lawns and gardens and entertaining areas . 

 From experience this is the least thought about and most under budgeted part of your build. 

As with choosing an appropriate home design and layout to suit your lifestyle the same can be said for your landscaping. It all comes down to defining how you , your family and guests  going use each space within your allotment. 

And by no means is there any reason to take on all the planning or physical work yourself 


Landscape Construction Considerations .

Driveways and Pathways : making sure there is enough space on your driveway for two cars to comfortably park and unload items as necessary - there can worse then a double driveway that's too small and especially when most home owners now have an suv or two ! pathways especially around the front of your home that are only installed at one metre ... as a general rule, all paths leading to the front door we install at 1200mm allowing easy access for guests or when carrying items to your front door. 

Our driveways are supplied at 25mpa for standard grey concrete and 32 mpa for exposed aggregate making sure they will stand the test of time !

Style is also a very import consideration ie installation of paving as opposed to concrete / exposed aggregate or maybe even a combination of both ,done in a tasteful manner. 

Garden Maintenance and Plant Specification  : Will you have time to look after your garden ? Installation of a low maintenance , water wise garden could be the best option . If your like most people nowadays , you life is taken up by full-time work and family commitments ideally you will be looking for something that not only suits the façade of your new home but is not going to involve your weekends looking after it. 

It is recommended that native plants be used for the lowest maintenance and easy of care - please see attached pdf

State Flora Catalogue 


  •  The character of the local landscape, and where possible link with existing vegetation; have

a look around the local area (other houses and the local councils use of planting ) to see what species are present 

  • Species, or planting density, distribution and sizes of proposed new planting

  • The location of any existing or proposed underground or overhead services which could affect existing or proposed planting

Fencing :

It's important to start by deciding exactly what you need your fence to do.

Whether it be 

  • provide safety and security

  • screen an unsightly view

  • retain children or pets

  • enclose pools or tennis courts

  • reduce noise

  • improve the look and style of your property

  • provide privacy

  • mark a boundary

  • shape your property and define particular areas for certain activities

  • define personal space

Some fences perform certain functions better than others, but with some careful planning and professional advice, you can often choose a fence that will do more than one thing.

No matter which fence you choose, you will want to make sure it suits your needs, your landscape and complements your environment.

Always consult your local council before installing a fence to ensure compliance with any local council by-laws. Council regulations vary from region to region and can help you with respect to height, materials and distances from neighbours or pavements. This is mandatory for the installation of a pool fence, and can result in fines if regulations are not adhered to.

Fences and The Law 

Garden Lighting : 

Depending on the extent of landscaping being done , a great idea include outdoor lighting for your project 

At Uniq Spaces we provide a range of outdoor lighting to suit any garden ... click the link to LED OUTDOOR  and checkout the full range. 

Soil Type 

Some attention should be turned to your soil . It's important to make sure your soil has all the right nutrients to support the plant type you select. Your soil, which may be mostly sand, clay, or rock, will dictate which plants you should grow.  soil tests can be arranged as necessary .

Garden Style

The final thing to think about is aesthetic appeal and style of your landscaping. Consider the interior and exterior style of your home and try to create unity between these and your landscaping. Strive to make your outdoor space one that reflects your personality and makes you feel happy and relaxed. For a little inspiration check out these garden style  which include Japanese, modern Australian , cottage and desert.


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