Low Maintenance Gardens Adelaide 

Low Maintenance Gardens 

A Xeriscape Garden is a system that reduces the need for  supplemental watering from an irrigation system . It is used in areas which do not have easily accessible or plentiful water supply or where the climate is such that it  goes through periods where low rainfall and high temperatures. 

There are a number of different elements to consider when designing and installing these types of gardens , these can include :

Soil Type, including the  PH level and taking into consideration the type of garden you want to create , whether it is topical , native or something more contemporary.Plants will benefit form the introduction of mulch which help the plants in two ways, adding additional nutrients to the soil and also help with the retention of water, thereby reducing water usage by the irrigation system. 

It is important for plants to fit the existing soil, for instance its going to be an expensive operation to create slush tropical garden if your living close to Adelaide's  foreshore , the sandy soil doesn't provide enough minerals , ph level of soil sub straight conditions not to mention the high drainage rate of the sandy soil for this to occur . In this case a native garden maybe your best alternative. The Department of Environment , Water and Natural Resources ,  South Australia provide a nursery catalogue detailing the appropriate soil, PH, water conditions for many native plants,that would these type of conditions ,  there is an attached PDF at the bottom of this page. 

Irrigation System ,  image shows an irrigation system where water is transported from the roof catchment area to storage in large tanks . This water is then used for irrigating the garden . Once water supply is sufficient in tanks it is the supply to the garden broken up into different zones , in this case one being garden bed and one being lawn , though in most case it will be multiple zones. 

Mulch  holds misture and protects the soil from crusting , minuses evaporation and has some effect on minimising the growth of weeds. depth of mulch should be atlas 100mm . 

Design : before any garden installation occurs , atlas a basic design should be drawn , showing elements such as house driveway , pathways existing trees  and should show planting plant , irrigation plan and lawned area etc . It should also be taken into account where light and shade travel throughout the day in respect to planting plan and lawn type etc