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Custom Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design 

Uniq Spaces Landscape Lighting   gives you curb appeal. First impressions are always important. Make your home the envy of the neighborhood

Think SAFETY by investing in our outdoor lighting. Navigating dark walkways and steps is dangerous. We provide the right levels of illumination where you need it!

Lighting for your home gives you security. Unlit homes are easy targets and the glare from floodlights attached to your home create areas of extreme darkness or “blind spots”. These blind spots are perfect places for unwanted visitors to hide. Professionally designed outdoor lighting is a much better deterrent. 

Lighting functionality is as important as lighting design. We’ve extended our living spaces and our backyards are now another room of the house. Outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas need adequate and beautiful lighting!

TRANQUILITY can be achieved with the right lighting. A well-lit landscape instills a sense of calm and serenity. See the favorite features of your Los Angeles home in a “new light”. 

Custom LED Lighting Solutions That Make Your Home Come to Life

Uniq Spaces Lighting Design is our primary focus. The fixtures and equipment are merely tools we use to create feelings and emotion. Before one light goes in the ground it is very important for us to understand what your home means to you. What are your favorite features, what in your landscape brings you peace, how do you really use the space? Is it for relaxing, is it for entertaining?

Knowing these things is very important to creating a lighting design specifically tailored to your needs and wants. Every project is different and every client, even more so. Our Initial consultation is key to designing the right lighting for you!

Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation we ask a ton of questions to get at the heart of the project. 

What do you love about your home?

What concerns do you have? Are there dark steps that someone can trip on? Are there some dark spots that you feel people can hide in? 

There are so many reasons to light and so many reasons not to light. Once we completely understand what you ultimately want to achieve with your lighting, we can work on creating your digital lighting design.

Lighting Design Proposal

After our initial consultation, we will begin working on your Digital Lighting Design Proposal. Here we will outline the specific details of your lighting project. 

If you have existing landscape plans, we can overlay the lighting design directly to it, or if needed, we can have new landscape plans generated for you.

This plan will specify the type and location of each specific piece of equipment along with the wattage, beam angle, color temperature and any other pertinent details that are needed for the installation crew. It will also include wiring diagrams and electrical load information that is necessary to ensure a flawless execution.

Notes and descriptive images will also be provided within the proposal to explain and give visual aid as to what can be expected.

Although most of the equipment will be specified for an exact task, some fixtures will have direct style implications that are best left to you. Style and finish are very important to the overall finished look.

At times, you want your fixtures to blend with the environment, making them unnoticeable until the lights are on. Other times, you want the beauty of the fixture to seen as part of the architecture or landscape. Path lights for example offer unlimited style choices. We may make recommendations on a style that will work well with your project, but we want your input as well. 

Once we iron out those final details, your Digital Lighting Design Proposal, along with your feedback on fixture style will be compiled to create your Project Estimate

We Design to Meet Your Budget

In our designs, each and every fixture has a specific function. Small details are what truly create a magical lighting scene and we try our best to create a work of art that you will enjoy for as long as you own your home. 

Unfortunately, these details can often push costs over the initial budget that was set for the project. One thing to keep in mind is that our lighting systems are expandable and can be done in phases. Don’t sacrifice a beautiful design or the quality of your equipment, breaking down the project in stages allows you to get everything you want, when it works best for you. 

At this point there is nothing else to do but start getting excited for your new outdoor lighting system!

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