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Garden Design, Plant Selection and Installation Service

Advice on Selecting Plants and Garden Design

A key element to any garden design is the right plant selection. This is not just important for the look, but also the long-term health and suitability of the garden.

Plant the wrong trees and shrubs around a pool, close to a fence or paving and the root systems can cause very costly damage. The wrong plant selection for the wrong soil and location and they can quickly become unhealthy or even die and require replacement.

Our Garden Designers are experienced horticulturalists who carefully select plants to ensure that none of the above situtations happen after we have designed and installed a new landscape for you.

You can be confident that when Uniq Spaces Landscaping are handling the plant selection and design of your garden it will not just look amazing, but be designed with longevity in mind

Landscape Plant Selection Solutions


Whether you need a few plants selecting or an entire garden re-design or install, we can help.

Our Landscape Gardeners are experienced at selecting the right plants for your location, soil, garden design and maintenance requirements. We select every plant with the future in mind – choosing plants  with an understanding of how they will look 6-months and 5 years from planting.

We also know the right soil improvers and fertilisers to use when planting to ensure your new garden the very best chance of healthy, lush growth.

From a minimal, simplistic style to lush, tropical or native, easy-care gardens, just let us know what you want from your garden and we will help you select the right plants to suit.